Activities conducted by the Foreign Media Department in 2010
The Foreign Media Department of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance during the current Iranian year (starting March 22, 2010) has handled 160 programs including those carried out in relation to presidential programs, foreign Ministry, Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, ministry of Petroleum, Armed Forces and Ministry of Commerce.
128 cases regarding the presidential programs including, welcoming and farewell ceremonies, meetings, signing of documents by foreign heads of state and high ranking Iranian officials such as:
1- Meeting of Somalian Parliament speaker with Iranian president.
2- Meeting between the head of the Papal Council of Vatican and Iranian President.
3- Meeting of Syrian Parliament Speaker and Iranian president.
4- Gathering of Iranian expatriates.
5- Visit to Arvand Free Zone.
6- Meeting of South African foreign Minister with Iranian President.
 7- Meeting of the G15 Summit.
Ten programs related to the Foreign Ministry including:
-         International conference of Disarmament and Nuclear None Proliferation.
-         Asian Forum and the Press Conference by Iranian Foreign Minister, Mottaki.
It should be noted that every Tuesday a press conference is held by the Foreign Ministry's spokesman.
Six programs in connection with the Armed Forces programs including:
-         Championship games of the female employees of the Iranian Armed Forces.
-         News coverage of handball competitions.
Four cases of programs by the Iranian Oil Ministry including:
-         Tour of Asaloyeh ( organized by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance)
-         15th International Petroleum Exhibition.
Six cases of programs related to Ministry of Commerce including:
-         Shanghai Expo 2010 in China.
Seven cases of programs related to Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance including:
-         Gathering of Iranian and Foreign Poets.
 Iranian Atomic Energy Organization on April 9, 2010 held a ceremony marking the National Day of Nuclear Technology.