Achievements of 17th International Press Exhibition from international perspective

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The 17th International Press Exhibition had three priorities in its international agenda:
1-Extensive participation of media from neighboring and regional countries with emphasis on Persian language media,
2- Media of Islamic World and
3- Major media from world independent countries
Based on these objectives 235 news representatives (64 female and 171male journalists) from 140 media of 51 countries including Azerbaijan Republic, Afghanistan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Ukraine, Jordan, England, Algeria, South Africa, Albania, Germany, Argentina, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Turkmenistan, China, Russia, Zimbabwe, Japan, Syria, Sudan, Switzerland, Senegal, The Philippines, Oman, Iraq, France, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, Croatia, Kenya, Congo, Kuwait, South Korea, Georgia, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Egypt, Vietnam, Venezuela, India and Yemen participated in the exhibition.
The above figures includes 188 foreign reporters, 24 scholars from various countries, 18 female Muslim journalists and 5 special guest invited by the Deputy for Cinema and Visual Arts of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

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 Sideline Programs:

The main feature of the 17th Exhibition was expert meetings and signing of letters of understanding and cooperation between the Iranian and foreign press and news agencies.
The exhibition had 7 objectives in its agenda which among them were evaluation of mutual potentials and establishment of regional and international news union.
Along with the 17th International Press Exhibition, 5th Cultural Onslaught Exhibition was held by the Ministry's Foreign Media Department and assistance provided by the Judiciary.
In the said exhibition some 400 books and other publications (banned items) all published outside Iran which were divided into 20 categories were showcased only for officials of various civil and security establishments.
On the occasion of the 17th International Press Exhibition and honoring the foreign gusts a dinner banquette was given by the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Dr. seyyed Mohammad Houseiny and he answered the questions of foreign reporters in press briefing.
Head of Islamic Culture and Communications Organization Dr. Mohammad Baqer Khoramshad in a meeting with 200 foreign reporters and dignitaries spoke about the flow of information and news in international arena.
Holding the first international gathering of female reporters of the Islamic world under the title of Words of Zeinab (A S) which was organized jointly by International Women and Family News Agency, Center for Women and Family Affairs affiliated to Presidential Office, Women Office of the Islamic Culture and Communications Organization and Foreign Media Department was one of the main attractions of the 17th International Press Exhibition.

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At the closing ceremony of the above event 19 female reporters from South Africa, Lebanon, Pakistan, Russia, Iraq, India, Germany, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Bosnia, Syria, England, Republic of Azerbaijan and Iran were awarded as distinguished journalists and Mrs. Asra al-Bahisi was selected as the top journalist of the gathering.
A meeting between the officials of Iranian, Afghan and Tajikistan media aimed at establishing an association of Persian Language media was another sideline event of the exhibition. This gathering was organized by Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in its stand in the exhibition hall.
Reviewing the achievements of Iranian president's visit to New York to attend the UN annual General Assembly meeting and a gathering under the title of Role of Iran In the Middle East Region attended by a number of Iranian scholars and foreign journalists were two other sideline events of the exhibition.

Signing of Cooperation Agreements

Signing of cooperation agreements between managers of a number of Iranian newspapers with representatives of foreign media was another important achievement of the 17th Press Exhibition. Following are some of the concluded agreements:
1- Isfahan Emrooz Daily with Emrooz News daily of Tajikistan.
2- Asre Azadi Daily with Tajikistan Emrooz News Daily.
3- Shar Araye Mashhad Daily with Ensaf Weekly of Afghaniastan.
4- Seeb Monthly and Peace Culture of China.
5- Qods Daily with Peace Culture of China.
6- Qods Daily with Daily News of Kazakhstan.
7- Hasban Daily and Guardian Limited of Tanzania.

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The areas of cooperation and understanding between the Iranian and foreign news outlets are as follows:
A- Research Works:
1- Conducting joint research works (applied and theoretical).
2- Launching research workshops and making reciprocal use of facilities and potentials.
3- Inviting scholars and academics to delver lectures and attend scientific gatherings.
4- Designing and providing the content and holding joint scientific- research seminars and conferences
5- Supplying books, magazines and scientific papers required by either side.
6- Holding experts meetings for managers and journalists.
7- Arranging cultural and scientific tours.

B- Cooperation in cultural areas:
1- Exchange of information and experience in areas related to Mass media.
2- Arranging training workshops on media
3- Exchanging of software, films and training and research materials.
4- Exchanging training and research data banks, software, films and cassettes.
5- Organizing job and skill training workshops for scientific staff and researches of either side.

C: Cooperation on communications sectors

1- Exchange of information and experience in cultural and publicity sectors and becoming familiar with each other's cultures.
2- Exchange of cultural products such as CD, film, periodicals, books etc.
3- Organizing joint cultural exhibitions and festivals.
4- Arranging short term cultural and applied training courses.
5- Authentification of certificates issued by both sides for participants of cultural training courses.
6- Arranging joint scientific and cultural tours.
7- Facilitating access of academics and researchers to scientific works kept in each country's libraries.
8- Facilitating invitation of thinkers and scientific – cultural scholars in international scientific gatherings in mutual manner.

The foreign guests of the press exhibition during their stay in Iran had the opportunity to visit Imam Sadegh University, Islamic Republic Broadcasting (IRIB), Milad Tower, National Library and Saad Abad Palace. They also traveled to the Holy city of Qom.
Visiting the historic city of Shiras was arranged for scientific dignitaries.
A number of guests also visited the holy city of Mashhad.
17th Tehran International Press Exhibition as seen by
Foreign Participants:

A large number of representatives of foreign media who took part in the exhibition, upon returning home have written affirmative reports about the exhibition and Iran.
Some of the foreign media that have published positive accounts of the event are:
Jordanian weekly Shoon al strategiya, Pakistani weekly Navaye Islam, Turkish Ikhlas News Agency, Chinese local and international News Daily, Alvefagh Daily of Sudan, Senegalese Morning Daily, Croat Youtaree Daily,
The French Language daily Voice of Africal, Lebanese Al-Enteqad Weekly, Sahara Daily of India, Qatari Alraya Daily, and Trend News Agency from Republic of Azerbaijan.

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