Foreign journalists attending Tehran Press Exhibition  reflect on their observations about Iran
Social TV network, Apa News Agency and Baku Times Daily have quoted Iranian commerce Minister as saying that we can increase our annual trade volume with Republic of Azerbaijan to one billion dollars. The Turkmenistan Bitaraf Daily wrote that Turkmenistan was among 55 countries attending Tehran International Press Exhibition. Turkmenistan Bitaraf, Turkmenistan, Zaman, Nasl dailies and Diar and Miras weeklies were on display in this exhibition.
Rioji Tanaka the Japanese Mainichi Daily writes that the exhibition was a good opportunity for me to become acquainted with Iranian journalists and media workers as well as 20 foreign reporters attending the exhibition. The Japanese journalist has added that by visiting Iran I can say with certainty that my impression of the country was totally changed. Before visiting Iran I was very much influenced by what the western media reported of Iran and I was somehow hesitant about making the journey but what I saw in Iran was nothing but friendship and hospitality of Iranians toward Japanese people.  Rioji Tanaka has added that my journey to Isfahan and shiraz organized by the people in charge of the exhibition helped me to promote my knowledge about the ancient history of the country and its Islamic culture. My contact with people of these to historic cities was quite contrary to what I had in my mind about Iran and its people. I hope to have a chance to return to Iran on an official assignment.
The French language weekly voice of Africa: Bongus Roger the editor of Afrique Redaction Internet magazine in a meeting with Iranian ambassador to Paris by describing his visit to Iran as quite incredible, said that seeing the hugeness of Tehran and its highways and construction projects was a proof of my findings that Iran should have access to peaceful nuclear energy and that the west does not want Iran to become well known in the world and in order to do so is paying the cost. Referring to effective presence of Iranian women in all sectors of their society he write the image presented by the western media of Iranian women is nothing but bunch of lies by such media. The French journalist adds that my colleagues and readers of magazine have read and watched what I have written and depicted of Iran and have told me that they wont trust any more on what the western media report about Iran.
Georgian Internews News agency: Diana Terapaidze and Makhy Seida Monidzeh managing director and chief editor of the Internews news agency in meeting with Iranian embassy officials in Tbilisi said that their impression of Iran before visiting the country was something and their present impression is something else and quite different from what it was. They have described the presence of Iranian women in their society as impressive and added that despite having Islamic outfit they are quite active in news outlets and journalistic activities.
Lebanese Al-Akhbar: Jamaneh Farhat, chief editor writes: Quite contrary to some western media's claim about hesitation of Iranian people in supporting the Palestinians, Ghaza has its place in the heart of Iranian people. He reminds that sympathizing with the Palestinian people and condemning the barbarism of Zionist regime against the Palestinians are very common among the Iranian people.
German Daily Repolica: Nori Deragoy , chief editor of this daily writing about his visit to Iran and taking part at the 17th Tehran International Press Exhibition says one  of the world 3 largest libraries is located in Tehran. The land which this Library is built upon is 40,000 SQM. When there was no talk of library in Europe, Iranian rulers and nobilities had their own private libraries and their doors were open to people of kknowledge. The German journalist writes that in Iran family is looked upon as a sacred entity and that's why any infidelity in the part of wife or husband is utterly condemned and considered as an unforgivable crime which carries death penalty. The case of Sakineh Ashtiani which so much fuss has been made about it is from the same nature and that's why the death sentence passed against her by the Iranian judiciary is well accepted by Iranian people. 
Iran Talks from Milad Tower
 Housein Alrvashede the Jordanian journalist form Al-Dostor daily in an article titled " Iran Talks From Milad Tower", from a different perspective compared with other journalist visiting Iran, have looked at the naming of streets in Tehran after martyrs, the question of Islamic dress code and socio-political atmosphere of the country.  He has written that Iran is in a dilemma. In one hand it is preoccupied with safeguarding the Revolution and at the same time anxious to build up the government. Symbols of Revolution still are evident in the streets of Tehran. Pictures of two leaders, Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Khamenei are depicted in every corners of the capital. Many streets bear the name of martyrs. The voice of conservatives always remind you that teachings and tenets of Islam is the red line and that internal and foreign enemies have targeted the aspirations of the martyrs. The Jordanian journalist who attended Tehran International Press Exhibition, in contrast to other journalists who have been impressed by the modernity of Iranian capital and the vibrant social milieu and merry going citizens, has concentrated his article on the dispute between the opposition and the government. The Al-Dostor reporter writes that although the government has a strong presence in the society but still it has not freed itself from the revolutionary approaches. The main problem of the Iranian government is that its forces are not yet ready to carry out proper management and the second problem is the dispute over the principles of the Revolution because conservatives and reformists have different interpretations from these principles. By referring to Iran's distinguished position in the region and its political cooperation with its neighbors he writes that questions of the Revolution and the government remain unanswered. Iran has become a regional power it is being taken serious by others and at the same time is trying to find some footholds in several regions across the world. The Al- dostor reporter continues by quoting the Iranian Minister of culture and Islamic Guidance that Iran tries through its active role in cultural fields to change the mentality that depicts Iran as a demon. The Iranian minister does not deny this and by underlining the active role played by Turkey in this respect says we have powerful media, movies and very humane method in presenting our image and positions. The Jordanian reporter the by razing this question that whether Iran has been able to sell its image to the people of the world, has quoted the head of the Culture and Communication Organization as saying that we want the world to hear our voice and see our true image. He says we expect the world to listen to us and in case finds what we say is rational to accept it otherwise can reject whatever we say. The Jordanian journalist then quotes former Iranian Foreign Minister, manochehr Motaki as saying that the old world system will disappear gradually and a new order and system is emerging. He then asks this question that what the real image of Iran is at the present. Answering this question the Jordanian journalist says it seems that Iran has broken its silence. We have heard lots of words which most of them are venting of their rage and apparently there is something behind the silence which we are not aware of. Iran is moving ahead in many corner of the world, from Africa to Latin America, Asia and Europe. Nowadays, Iran talks and acts, some times in the name of the Revolution and its principles and values stirs up the feelings and other time in the name of government and investment machines and its huge influence. The Jordanian reporter concludes its report in an enigmatic manner and leaves the readers of the article to find out for themselves the answer for this question: Is it enough to look at Tehran from the top of the 450 meters high Milad Tower and its building and vast parks or one should find another vantage point which reveals the true picture of Iran.    
 Crisis is a blessing for Iran
 Articles written by Rashid Al-Islam, the Bangladeshi journalist who took part in Tehran International Press festival last autumn about political, social and cultural conditions of Iran show that he used the opportunity of visiting Iran to write newsworthy materials for his audience. Following is one of the articles written by this journalist in his website Diganta upon returning to his country.In an article titled "Crisis is Blessing for Iran"  he first quotes Dr. Ahmadinejad as saying that financial sanctions is a blessing for Iran and adds that Iranian youths based on their faith, knowledge and resistance have used this opportunity for making inventions and scientific discoveries. Rashid Al-Islam by stressing that most of the Iranians are supportive of their president's views says professional Iranians are trying astonishingly to make their country self sufficient. Reporter of Diganta, referring to invention of unmanned aircraft known as Drone by a young Iranian inventor adds that this aircraft does not need tarmac for take of and landing. The inventor says that the aircraft can be dismantled and put into a bag and whenever needed to reassemble it in nearly two minutes. The Bangladeshi reporter has described Iran's economy and diplomacy as very successful and added that since this country has incredible potentials in making right and quick decisions in economic and diplomatic fronts is moving toward greater achievements. In pursuing its economic policies, the Iranian car maker Saipa is trying to find new markets for its products in countries Such as Sudan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria and Algeria. Discussing the ties between Iran and the US and Europe the Bangladeshi reporter has written that despite great rivalry between Iran and America Iranian exports to the US in the past year has amounted to more than $77 millions and Tehran has very close ties with turkey which is the gateway of Europe. Iran and Turkey have extensive relations in areas such as energy, trade and culture.
Qum: developments Taking shape
 Housein Al-Ravashed, the Jordanian Reporter, while attending Tehran International Press Exhibition last year had a brief visit to the holy city of Qum and upon returning to his country in an article published in Jordanian daily Al-Dostor titled "Qum: Developments taking Shape" has reflected his observation about the political and social life in this holy city. The article published in Nov.4, 2010 edition of Al-Dostor is devoted to the importance and sanctity of pilgrimage to the holy Shrine of Hazrat Masoume(S) by the Shiite Muslims. The writer says the holy shrine of Hazrat Masoume, the sister of Imam Reza the eighth Imam of Shiite Muslims is located in the city of Qum and thousands of men, women and children come to Qum each day to visit her shrine. They touch the doors and kiss the golden frame over the burial site and drop money into the case. There are numerous seminaries in Qum which four of them are well known and the Islamic Revolution emanated from these religious schools. Housein Al- Ravashed then refers to large number of religious students in these seminaries and independence of these schools and writes that at entrance of the city a copper sculpture is installed which might be of a renowned clergy. The most famous seminary in Qum, known as Houze, according to its director was established 60 years ago and thousands of students are enrolled in this religious teaching center and some of the former students of this center are currently among those who are known as the source of emulation. These seminaries are quite independent from the government and the number of their missionaries sent across the country in religious occasions is nearly 30 thousand clergies. The Jordanian journalist who has visited ayatollah Marashi's Library describes it as the third largest library in the Islamic world after libraries of Istanbul and Cairo which is located near the Houzeh. This library was established nearly 90 years ago by grand ayatollah Marashi. This library is famous for housing very precious manuscripts and rare books and most important among them a hand written Version of the holy Quran which is written over the skin of goat some one thousand years ago. There is also a Chinese translation of the Holy Quran written nearly 600 years ago and another version of the Book with a length 2 meters written by horse hair and a copy of the Old Testament written in Latin Some 800 years ago as well as hand written versions of Zoroastrian texts and other valuable written works.At the entrance of the library the tomb of Ayatollah Marashi is located because he had instructed in his written will that he should be buried under the feet of researchers and men of knowledge. The writer has gone saying that while the developments in Iran has been very rapid and the holy city of Qum has also been affected by the quick transformation but the Shiite high ranking clerics have played a major role in resisting against the moves which contradicts the teachings of Islam and the Islamic Revolution. He adds that I am not sure but I think this city of half a million population has also undergone some transformation to an extent that this is not a closed door city any more and even the Back overall outfit of women known as "Chador" has witnessed some modification and seminaries while preserving their independence have undergone changes as well. The Jordanian journalist says whatever I have gathered from the holy city of Qom might be my own impression but I feel that Iran is exposed to some internal transformations and naturally Qum can not escape this same process. However the grand ayatollahs have kept their authority because they have the money and the influence and say the final words and can act against those who try to harm the principles of the Islamic Revolution even if they themselves disagree on the fundamentals of the Revolutions.                      
 Iran … Efforts Aimed at Revelation
The Jordanian daily Al-dostor in an article titled "Iran… Efforts Aimed at Revelation" written by Housein Al-Ravasheda published in its Nov.1, 2010 issue has provided an overview about the current situation in Iran. The Jordanian Journalist who visited Iran last autumn to attend Tehran International Press Exhibition, in answering this question that which direction Iran is going has written that during my stay in Tehran to take part in the exhibition which was attended by representatives of 70 media from 50 countries I could talk to a group of Iranian general public and officials. During my 11 days stay in the country the above question kept my mind busy. I used to take notes of what ever I saw even walking of people and traffic in the streets of Tehran. I thought about the faces which I saw while moving in the city from one corner to the other. Writing about the characteristics of the Iranian capital, the Jordanian journalist adds that residents of Tehran get up early morning. Young girls and boys do some exercise and then life starts in this city of 4 million cars and 14 million population and very vibrant business activities. Streets of Tehran have heavy traffic and cleaners of municipality start their work from 5 am and despite traffic congestions few accidents occur. Contrary to my understanding of Iran, there were no security phenomenon evident in the streets of Tehran and traffic police were busy with directing the traffic fellow. Comparing the Iranian citizens with Arabs, the Jordanian reporter has stated that in car exhibition rooms in Tehran one can see the newest models of cars specially those manufactured locally. Boys and girls attend meetings and their appearance is not much different from what you see in Arab streets. The number of women wearing the black overall outfit (Chador) is very rare. Girls usually wear jeans and shirts which are not very tall or very short and have a scarf which only covers half of their hair. Iranian young men shave their beard and follow western hair and dress style. The Al-dostor reporter adds that sanctions have not had any impact on the life of Iranian people and most of the goods in shops are imported. Chinese products are prevailing in the Iranian market and the average income of people is $500 per month and prices are moderately high and the rental charge of a small apartment in Tehran is nearly $250 and price of a meal in an ordinary restaurant is $5. The report of this Jordanian reporter is concluded with the answer to the question raised in the beginning of his report saying that there is no talk of war and no worry about military conflict. However the important debates are related to the dispute between the conservative and reformist cams which its outcome is not yet known.
Restless Efforts to Open Widows  Towards New Horizons 
Rashid Al-Islam the correspondent of the Digatna news website in an article devoted to the economy of Iran has put forward this question that how this country which is subject to international sanctions is marching toward self- sufficiency and becoming an emerging world power. Referring to what Ahmadinejad, the Iranian President and Iranian people keep saying that sanctions are a blessing for the country, Digatna correspondent writes that currently Iran is walking alone on the path of development and even there are some signs of becoming a world power.Rashid Al-Islam has added that resistance against the sanctions originates from the faith and knowledge of Iranians. Writing about Tehran International Press Exhibition, Rashid Al- Islam says Iranians in order to overcome the hardships caused by sanctions have resorted to Information Technologies. Journalists attending the exhibition took part in various gatherings on the sideline of the exhibition and became familiar with views of Iranian Government and officials. Referring to efforts of Iranian journalists to learn the techniques applied by western media, correspondent of Diganta website adds that those who oppose Ahmadinejad are apparently people who do not support the objectives of the country. He has then referred to growing economic ties and trade relations between Iran and the Latin American and Central Asian countries adding that China and India are also willing to expand their cooperation with Iran despite the sanction imposed by the west against this country. The Bangladeshi journalist has concluded that economic sanctions have not been able to prevent Iran from promoting railroad connections with neighboring countries as well as cooperation in gas and petrochemical sectors.      
Iran is Being Developed in its Special Manner
Rashid Al-Islam a journalist from Bangladesh, working for Diganta News Website, who attended the 17th International Press Exhibition, upon returning to his country published several articles about his observations while in Tehran.  In an article titled" excursion in Tehran" Rashid Al-Islam like a reporter of social topics has written about the prevailingambiance of the metropolis, ethics and manners of the citizens. The Bangladeshi reporter who has been astoned by the social tranquility and security in Tehran writes that we foreign journalists were accommodated in Laleh Hotel next to Laleh Park. This park which is somehow similar to Ramna Veghah Park in Daka was packed with people and families at 11:00 pm and girls wearing jeans and head scarf were skating in the park late at night.  Rashid Al-Islam has described the mentality of the Iranian people as very perseverance and written that Iranians in comparison to other nations are more patient and zealot in their life. Iranians use very pleasant proverbs in their daily conversations. Writing about the press exhibition, the Bangladeshi reporter has added that for 10 days we were dazzled with the attractions of the exhibition. All the stands were packed with visitors from all walks of life.  Writing about the closing ceremony of the press exhibition attended by President Ahmadinejad, Rashid Al-Islam adds that finally he came and a group of children in chores sang songs calling people of the world to peace and friendship. Iranian president suddenly arrived and sat calmly on a chair. He had penetrating eyes and dressed modestly but despite its simple and modest appearance could cry out his anti-imperialism message. The Bangladeshi journalist has touched on the foreign policies of Iranian president and said that Mr. Ahmadinejad has embarked upon a new round of anti-arrogance campaign and believes that sooner or later people will overcome the arrogant powers despite the fact that the world's sole super power has great military power at its disposal and has the required technology to spy on people and keep them under its watchful eyes. Ahmadinejad wishes that people of Iran, Europe and America reach common cause and shared values. Rashid Al-Islam then brings up this question that where the Iranian people have secured this courage and he answers the same question and says that Iranian people are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to explain the cause of the world politics and the pace of the economic developments. The believe that imperialistic capitalism is in the threshold of collapse and super powers have no alternative but to acknowledge the rights of the developing nations in order to secure their own survival . The concluding sentence of Rashid Al-Islam's report is that: "Iran has come out the abyss of cultural and economic onslaughts. They try to confront the emerging challenges and the all powerful super powers. In one word the Iranians have their own special way of development."       
Knowledge based social structure in Iran has  flourished
Rashid al-Islam, a journalist from Bangladesh who attended the 17th International Press Exhibition in Tehran, has written several articles about his observations in the Iranian Capital upon returning home. One of these articles titled "Iran in the Middle of the Road: A World to be Discovered", deals with discovery and development of Gas deposits in Iran and export of energy by the country. He starts his article by asking this question that: how Iran is moving toward change and progress so quickly? And answering this question says Iran has found its way to development. The Bangladeshi journalist in another report titled "flourishing of knowledge based social structure in Iran" has said that Iran's significant status in the region is due to its political and economic development which are based on knowledge and science adding that acknowledge based structure is the driving force behind Iran's political, economic and even diplomatic progress. Iran without surrendering to domination of other nations or engaging in any political compromise, in a bold manner and based on force of will, is trying to gain world leadership status. The Bangladeshi journalist has said that Iranian authorities while cultivating the idea of simple life in the mind of their youths at the same time have insatiable desire to achieve knowledge and science so that the can depict a higher boundaries in their mind. Rashid Al-Islam has reminded that the reason behind Iran's progress is the free thinking of its nation adding that this idea that Iran can think as a free nation has helped the country to detach itself from the system of reliance to the donating countries and establish an alternative economy and that's why Iran, India, China and Pakistan can organize carpet expo. He then says one might think that carpet is a trivial commodity but a group of these small businesses would be able to resist the dominance of huge western trade might. The cyber journalist of the Diganta website by referring to Iran's industrial development has added that This country without relying on the western countries and neutralizing the impacts of the sanctions has come to this conclusion that despite the advancement of the west in technology sector it is not going to be their follower. The Bangladeshi journalist by underlining Iran's progress in various fields despite the current economic recession in the United States and Europe, has concluded that Iran, contrary to the Middle Eastern and Persian Gulf countries despite its oil revenue has not been submitted to luxurious and lavish life style. All the policies and economic programs of the country are based on scientific social structures and in other world the science and knowledge of Iranian nation is the source of all its power.
Iranians disregard sanctions and during the past 30 years have learned to become self-sufficient
When I was invited by Hezaro yek Shab Publication House to visit Tehran, I thought I would see a city hit by economic sanctions with no sign of life, empty streets with no food and petrol available. This was the picture provided by the revengeful western media from Tehran and other major Iranian towns and cities.The above is a part a report by a Lebanese reporter who upon returning to his country published on Nov. 19 last year in the Lebanese Al Havades Daily. Most of the foreign reporters who travel to Iran for the first time acknowledge that what they see for themselves in Iran is quite contrary to what they had in their mined. Industrial progress, urban development, clean environment and economic activities are quite evident in Tehran. Freedom and working of women along with men in every sector, religious diversity and free activities of religious minorities in Iran and most important of them all, the educated and updated youths were interesting features of Iranian society for foreign reporters and they have devoted numerous articles to these kind of topics. The reporter of Al- Havades daily is one of those foreign journalists who admit that he had a negative mind about Iran before visiting the country but soon after arriving at Tehran he has put aside all the previous images he had in his mind.  Najib Safa the Lebanese reporter who attended the 17th International Press Exhibition, by rejecting the claims made by western media about the negative impacts of the sanction on Iranian economy has stressed that contrary to the propaganda campaign launched by the western media the economic and social conditions of Iranian people is quite satisfactory and they are enjoying a clam and normal life. The Lebanese journalist has added that what I witnessed was that Tehran was a very orderly city and life in the Iranian capital starts right from the early morning and we saw the hustle and bussel in every corner of the city and head lights of moving cars and colored lights glitter like stars, large public parks with beautiful green space and fountains are spread in many locations and restaurants are packed with people and finding an empty table is a hard job. What you see in Tehran could not be even found in most of the European and American capitals. The writer by referring to Iranian economic condition has said that Iranians are not affected by the economic sanctions and embargo and during the past 30 years have been able to produce more than what they need. Iran, in addition to production of petrol has set up modern factories for production of cars, military hardware and garments. While referring to women's employment, the Lebanese reporter has written that the interesting point about Iran is that women work like men and not many women wear Chador (black overall cover) and most of girls and women wear headscarf and mantaeu. One of the most striking features of Iranian society which has drawn the attention of the Lebanese journalist is the vibrant religious diversity. Although vast majority of Iranian population is Shia but the religious diversity is also quite evident in Iran and Sunni Muslims, Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians are living a peaceful life along with Shia Iranians, writes the Lebanese journalist.
Kazakh journalists satisfied with the Press Exhibition
The Kazakh media delegation who attended the 17th Tehran International Press Exhibition has published a detailed report about the exhibition and its participants. The report says the number of the stands haven been increased from the last year's figure of 485 to 700 this year and 250 foreign journalists from 175 news outlets from 55 countries attended the gathering. Many Iranians including journalists expressed their willingness to cooperate with Kazakhs on tourism sector. The members of Kazakh media delegation have also referred to their visit to Milad Tower and written that they have watched Tehran landscape at night from the top of the hexagon shaped tower which is designed and decorated based on Iranian classic architecture. They have also referred to their journey to the holy city of Qom which houses a large religious compound and the burial place of Imam Reza's sister. Here, like other mosques around the world, people seat on the ground and read religious books and listen to religious sermons. The holy shrine in the city of Qom is as magnificent as any other historical Islamic monuments and is beautifully decorated with colorful ties. At the conclusion of the article, the writer has reminded that tow letters of understanding and cooperation were signed between the Kazakh Lovaya Nedlia weekly and Iranian Moj and Qods news agencies.           
 Iran move towards progress and modernization in the Islamic world
Everyday the news media report the signing of multi billion Dollars investment agreements which definitely give new impetuous to Iran's progress in financial sector. Bangladeshi journalist, Rashid al-Islam who attended the 17th International Press Exhibition in Tehran last November in an article in Diganta website, by referring to the fact that Muslim countries have 75 percent of world's oil deposits, 50 percent of rubber and 50 percent of uranium deposits at their disposal but only 10 percent of the activities related to these sectors are being handled by Muslims themselves, has underlined the importance of technological advancement of Muslim nations.  The writer adds that Islamic Republic of Iran in order to facilitate exchange of views and utilization of talents and potentials as well as cultural ties, has tried to bring the Muslim nations together. The Bangladeshi journalist by criticizing the ever increasing price of industrial commodities in comparison to oil prices has called this phenomenon as a ploy aimed at industrial and financial domination of the west over the Islamic world. He has praised Iran for its efforts to put an end to such mechanism and has written that multi national companies by increasing the price of the industrial products reap all the profits resulted from price hike. While the World Bank and International Monetary Found have joined forces to protect the interests of the multi national companies, this deep rooted mechanism could not be changed through spelling of words and that's why Iran not on its own but along with other Islamic countries is trying to modify the process of exploitation of the wealth of Muslim nations by western Multi national corporations. The reporter of the Diganta website in other part of its article refers to Iran as the first Muslim country to achieve progress in Nano technology and has reminded that Iran is number one in Nano technology among the Muslim countries and number four in the world scale. Rashid al-Islam recalling that Iran has been named the third economic power of the region by the International Monetary Found has written that Iran in a successful manner has proved that imposing of sanctions against this country is an inhuman act. Because of the sanctions, export of petrol to Iran is banned but Iran has been become a petrol exporting country itself. During the past six months export of non-oil commodities has increased by 123 percent. Export of carpet alone has increased by 42 percent. Iran has also diverted its attention towards African countries such as Kenya. Ghana and Togo and renders technical help and assistance to the under developed countries.The Bangladeshi journalist has concluded that Iran among the regional nations is number one in respect to medical science and healthcare. According to head of Iran's Chamber of Commerce Mohammad Nahavandian, all Iranian citizens are enjoying medical services based on western standards only by paying one fourth of the cost of such services in European countries.                   
 Iran: a friendly and strong country which has no colonial or exploitative ambitions
 Islamic world. Lebanese journalist Qaseb Mokhtar from Al-Safir newspaper has described the objective behind holding of International media exhibition in Tehran and its organizers as opening of new horizons in front of the eyes of world public opinion about realities of the Islamic Iran, other than its political, security and military characteristics. The Al-Safir in its article dated October 17, 2010 has recalled the help and assistance provided by Iran to Third World countries and added that Iran has tried to help others and to some extent has been successful in its efforts. The Lebanese daily has added that Iran without any colonial or exploitative ambitions and as a committed country has helped the poor and under developed countries in scientific and economic fields so that these countries by relying on friendly nations such as Iran to march towards progress and development.      
Qom a corona in a humble ambiance 
Lebanese journalist, Jamane Farhat, who has visited Qom has written about his feelings and findings during his journey to this Iranian holy city. On the way to Qom from Tehran we could not close our eyes even for a while because of the dazzling beauty of the vast desert and the rocks along both sides of the road. This Lebanese journalist who was in Tehran to attend the 17th International Press Exhibition, reflecting on the simple lifestyle prevailing in the holy city of Qom has written that the spiritual atmosphere dominates each perspective within the city and the first thing which you notice are the mud made houses which are the conspicuous symbol of simple way of life of the resident of this city. Jamaneh Farhat has described his observation of the ambiance of the holy shrine saying that by approaching the gate of the holy shrine you feel the beauty of the building. In order to see the twin minarets and the golden dome between them, one should look up very high. Inside the holy shrine because of the huge crowed you can not stand still even for a second and by looking around, would see myriads of male and female worshippers. The reporter of Lebanese Al bayan daily while describing the spirituality which has filled the air the city on the eve of the visit by the Supreme Leader, ayatollah Khamenei says his portrays along with that of Imam Khomeini decorates the streets of the city which is being ready to welcome the leader. Qom is a city which has brought up numerous jurists in its seminaries who are well known in Islamic world. He has described the library of Ayatollah Marashi as a huge establishment which houses large number old manuscripts of the holy Qorans. 
Press Exhibition a venue for promoting Iran's image as a leading regional power
The 17th Press Exhibition held last October in Tehran could be compared with the gathering of the representatives of world major religions in Astaneh the capital of Kyrgyzstan. This comparison has been made by the Kyrgyz journalist Rostam Alisbayev who attended the pres exhibition. The reporter of the Delovaya Nidlia daily, writing of his observations about the exhibition has said that more than 240 local and foreign journalists reflected on the ways to promote cooperation in exchanged of experience and information. The Kyrgyz reporter has acknowledged that attending the press exhibition has helped him to introduce his country to his foreign colleagues and find new friends among journalists of the neighboring countries. Alisbayev has referred to tourist attractions in Tehran such as Milad Tower and said that we looked at Tehran at night from the top of Iran's highest tower. This tower which reflects the Iranian classic architecture is a hexagonal structure with 435 meters high.       
Iran to help Tanzanians to find out their ethnic roots
Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Seyyed Mohammad Houseini, speaking to foreign journalists attending 17th International Press Exhibition in Tehran, while referring to expansion of ties between Iran and African countries said a new generation of Tanzanians who have their root in Iranian province of Farce (Shiraz) has been identified.
According to Tanzanian Daily News, Jaafar Majasiri, the Tanzanian Journalist who attended the Tehran Press Exhibition has quoted the Iranian Culture Minister as saying: "in the past we had limited ties with countries of African continent but today our relations with African nations is gaining new dimensions". The Tanzanian daily news by highlighting Iran's capabilities in food processing industry has indicated that Tanzania can take advantage of Iran's technical know-how in this sector in order to reduce the extensive waste in its food industry. The Tanzanian agriculture Minister, Stephen Vasira following his recent visit to Tehran told reporters that Iran has taken major steps in mechanizing its agriculture and would continue its assistance to African countries to improve their agriculture.   
Senegalese Le Matan Daily: Iran opens its door to foreign journalists 
A reporter of Senegalese Le Matan Daily who along the managing Director of his country's National Radio and Television attended Tehran Press Exhibition, upon returning to Dakar has written that: Iran by holding the exhibition has opened its door to reporter from around the world.  This event was an opportunity for the Iranian journalist to exchange views and become familiar with the experience of their foreign colleagues and to introduce their publications. According to Senegalese reporter more than 200 journalists from various news outlets attended the exhibition and Tehran with its 17 million population showed that more than ever before has opened its door to the outside world in order to show its contribution to the unity of Muslim world and liberation of Palestine.
Iran is different from what is depicted by western media
Two Georgian journalists, who visited Iran during the annual International Press Exhibition in Tehran in autumn, have expressed their surprise of the progress and developments made by Iran in recent years. Diana Trapaidzeh, manager and Marki Seidamonidzeh editor in chief of Georgian Inter Press News Agency who had attended the exhibition, upon their return to Tbilisi have met the Iranian embassy officials to talk about their findings and what they have witnessed while visiting Iran. They said: "presence of Iranian women in the society and their participation in public and private life of their country is quite visible and despite wearing Islamic dress they are very active in their daily life. Iranian women also play energetic role in Iranian media outlets. The two female Georgian journalists while referring to the baseless propaganda launched by the western media to tarnish the real image of Iran in the world said that contrary to what the foreign media depict of Iran we noticed a totally different image in Iran.  Iranian people and the organizers of the Press Exhibition were very pleasant and well conducted and our five day stay in Iran was a joyful and interesting experience.
Zimbabwean Radio and TV president: thanks for opening up our eyes towards realities in Iran
Hapison Motche Chetre, who has been greatly impressed by the progress made by Iran in urban infra-structures and management of the mega city of Tehran, in meeting with Iranian ambassador to Harare said I am grateful for holding of Tehran International Press Exhibition was an occasion that opened up my eyes towards the realities in Iran. The head of the Zimbabwean Radio and Television, after returning to his country personally visited Iranian diplomatic mission in Harare and expressed his pleasure for having the opportunity to visit Iran and thanked the organizers of the press exhibition. Hapison Motche Chtre, who attended the 17th International Press Exhibition, held last November, described his visit to the holy city of Qom, Iranian National Library and other events arranged by the officials in charge of the exhibition as very useful and constructive. The Zimbabwean official who had a meeting with the managing director of international department of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), while describing Iranian media as modern and well advanced, express his country's readiness to extend the air time of Zimbabwean television from 12 hours a day to 24 hours by broadcasting Iranian Press TV programs for 12 hours.   
Albanian Repoblica Daily: Iran is the regional super power
Iran had enjoyed good economic growth and while meeting most of its needs locally has recently made operational its first nuclear power plant. Nori Dargoya, the editor in chief of the mass circulated and independent Albanian Repoblica daily traveled to Iran last November along with Mrs. Harka from another widely circulated Panorama daily to attend the 17th Tehran International Press Exhibition. The Repoblica has published his editor observations about Iran's politico- economic, tourism, agriculture and media sectors in 5 separate articles.
 Nori Deragoya by referring to large attendance of foreign media in the exhibition and their proper handling by the organizers has written that upon arriving at Tehran we were immediately transferred to the exhibition site and set up our stands. Participation of various media from 65 countries in this exhibition which was well managed and organized was very meaningful. Most of the stands belonged to Islamic countries but journalists from Britain, France, the Netherlands, Italy and other non-Muslim countries were also present. He has expressed his satisfaction for the services rendered to the gusts and written that we were accommodated in one of Tehran's best hotels. While referring to the active presence of Iranian journalists in the exhibition, the Albanian journalist had acknowledged that Iranian journalists are very active and they quite openly and freely criticize their government and negative developments in their country and propose remedies. The writer has added that Iran has made considerable progress in economic and agricultural sectors and exports some $88 billion goods annually and in return imports $54 billion goods and commodities which shows that the country has remarkable trade surplus. By referring to Iran's rich oil, gas and other mineral resources, the Albanian journalist said Iran enjoys economic stability and is considered as the economic giant of the region. Iran produces most of its requirements and recently has launched its first nuclear power plant. In Iran the main economic sectors are industry and services but economic sector also plays important role in Iranian economy. He described Iran hand made carpet industry as one of the most powerful industries in the region an the world with output of 5.5 million square meter of finest type of hand woven carpets which 3.6 million square meters of it is exported to foreign markets, making Iran the world largest exporter of this commodity. Iranian hand made carpet is world famous for producing the finest carpets. He said Iran Khodro car maker is the largest car manufacturer in the country.  The Albanian journal also has underlined the richness of Iranian culture and natural beauties which are unknown for foreign tourists.
Iran International Exhibition Of Press And News Agencies
Awards to be presented to active reporters during Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance for Press and Information, Mr. Mohammad Ali Ramin speaking in the third press conference on the International Exhibition of Press and News Agencies said this event will be the most vibrant and dynamic exhibition of its kind in the history of the Islamic republic. Last year there were 485 stands in the exhibition but this year the number is increased to nearly 700 booths which will accommodate more than 2400 local and foreign media, said the deputy minister.
Nearly 600 provincial publications will also take part in this year's exhibition along with 150 foreign media including newspapers, periodicals and other news outlets, most of them attending this cultural event for the first time. The deputy culture minister hoped that during the exhibition the Iranian national media can use the opportunity to promote their international position and conclude memorandum of understanding and cooperation with their foreign counterparts. This year special pavilions will be set up in the exhibition hall for the government officials to meet and confer with journalists. Special stands named women and media, martyrs and media, media and Palestine, media and relief aids sent to Pakistani flood victims and transparency stand for disclosing the plots hatched by the profane sects are also provided in this exhibition, said the deputy culture minister.
Iran International Exhibition Of Press And News Agencies
Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini Speaking in the inauguration ceremony of 17th international Exhibition of Press and News Agencies said putting an end to the western media's dominance and the monopoly over the news is a highly valued mission for the press in the cyber war. The press by converting the words to prints are making a major contribution to our culture and that's why the almighty God has swear on pen in the Holy Quran, said the minister.  Some 39300 newspaper and other publications have license but 3134 of them are currently publishing, according to the minister. Mr. Hosseini said if the Supreme Leader has named the university students as the cadets of the Cyber war, those working in the media are undoubtedly the commanders of the said  war. Creating doubts, tension in the world and discord among the Muslims,    deceiving the public opinion, spreading rumors are some the tools employed by the western media to achieve their objectives, added the minister of culture.
Iran International Exhibition Of Press And News Agencies Press fair and Islamic Solidarity
The cultural editor of the Qatari newspaper Al-Arab commenting on the question of Cyber War on the sideline of Tehran Exhibition of Press and News Agencies said the Qatari  and other Arab news outlets are fighting back the propaganda campaign launched by the super powers against the Muslin nations.  Speaking to Iranian journalists, Saeed Dahri said the Qatari newspapers are in line with the policies of their government and follow a normal approach but the unfortunately the Aljazirah TV channel has its own policies and pursues the policies of the supper powers. Commenting on the Exhibition, the Qatari journalist said the media fair was has been held in a very high level and holding this kind of events will pave the way for other nations to become familiar with Iranian culture and enhance the solidarity among the Islamic countries. According to Mr. Dahri, the Al-Arab newspaper attaches great importance to Iranian culture and since 2007 a special page in this paper has been devoted to Iranian literature
Middle-east the most important region of the world
In a gathering on the sideline of Tehran Media Fair attended by local and foreign Muslim scholars and commentators, the role of Iran in the middle-east region was put for discussion. Speaking in the beginning of this roundtable discussion, Mr. M.A Mohtadi, an expert on regional issues said middle-east is the most important region of the world and is an international region because a number of major wars have taken place in this part of the world and the region due to its important strategic position is coveted by the enemies.  During the presidency of Gorge W. Bush the project of the so called new middle-eat was launched and based on this scheme the US government actually occupied several countries in the region but now that the American military project has failed Washington has  started the withdrawal strategy, said Mr. Mohtadi. According to Mr. Mohtadi, Middle Eastern countries could be divided into two groups: those countries which can be referred as moderate such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and few others and those who are considered as the axis of resistance namely Iran, Syria, Lebanese and Palestinian Islamic Resistance. Islamic republic of Iran plays an important role among the second group and without Iran this front can not survive and because of Iran no one can inflict any harm to the axis.
Qatari media take part in Tehran media fair
Qatari media attended Tehran press and news agencies exhibition for the seventh time. Saeed Dahri Morteza the head of cultural section of the Al-Arab newspaper said Iranian media and news agencies have been very successful in depicting a good image of Iran. Referring to the special day called Islamic media and emancipation of Palestine held at the exhibition, Mr. Dahri said the Palestinian question is a public issue for the Muslims and it is not limited to any particular country and the media by their activities must work for salvation of Palestine.
Ramin: Western media spread the sense of insecurity
 Deputy Culture and Islamic Guidance Mister for press and information, Mr. Mohhamad Ali Ram speaking in gathering held on the sideline of Tehran media fair to review the terrorism deterring role of media said the western media are the prime source of spreading the sense of insecurity in American and European societies and their objective is to cover up the internal problems and shortcomings.
The September 11 incident in US which took place despite numerous security agencies was in fact a pretext to spread the sense of insecurity throughout the world and use the opportunity to legitimize all sorts of crimes and killings, said Mr. Ramin. The September 11 took place at the time when the situation in The US was quite calm but the country's politicians needed a self inflicting excuse to advance their own agenda.
The first gathering and international award of female journalists
The first gathering and the international award of female journalists of the Islamic World titled The Words of Zeinab(a.s) was held on the sideline of Tehran Media exhibition. Speaking in the gathering the managing director of Women and Family International News Agency said "the Muslim female reporters in their Islamic dress (hijab) are echoing the voice of Islam throughout the world.
Sadighe Qannadi said we hope this gathering to become a center to bring all female journalist from across the world together so that they can convey the true message to all freedom lovers of the world. The female reporters have learned the lesson of conveying the divine messag from Zeinab (a.s). So far more than 100 female reporters have been identified and we hope their number reaches to thousands. At the conclusion of this gathering the successful and properly dress female reporter were praised for their achievement and they were presented with special awards.  
Chinese Journalist: visiting Iran was an interesting
Mrs. Wi yen from the Chinese and World Report News Agency, who attended Tehran media fair described her presence in the exhibition as very useful and worthy. She said the arrangements for exhibition were excellent and we enjoyed every single day of our presence in Iran. The Chinese journalist also expressed her satisfaction with the quality the exhibition and said the event took place in an orderly manner.    
Reviewing the anti-Zionist movement in Europe and US
A prominent Iranian broadcasting journalist speaking on the sideline of the 17th International Exhibition of Press and News Agencies in Tehran said following the Islamic Revolution a Zionist movement was launched against the Revolution. Commenting on the anti-Zionist movement in the United States and Europe, Nader Talebzadeh said after 30 years since the Islamic Revolution and occupation of two countries by the US and following the September 11 events, due to enlightenment of the people and their anger for hearing lies and cheatings from their politicians, an anti-Zionist movement has taken shape among the European Intellectuals. The actual axis of evil is Zionism and that's why a new anti-Zionist movement has been launched in recent years, said the Iranian journalist.  Speaking in the same gathering, deputy Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister for Press and Information said Zionist for the past 400 years had the control and management of the world in their hands but the Islamic Revolution put an end to the domination of the Zionists. Mr. M.A Ramin Said Islamic Revolution attacked the arrogant system of the USSR as well as The United States and Britain and the Zionist entity and all these power despite 30 years of plots and launching of media warfare against Islamic Revolution have not been able to stop the downfall process of the Zionist regime and this regime is definitely going to collapse.
Russian Journalist: exhibition an opportunity for convergence
 A veteran Russian journalist attending the Tehran Media Fair said events such as this exhibition creates an ideal opportunity for creating a friendly atmosphere for foreign and local journalists to work along each other. Mr. Mortezayef said the exhibition provided the chance for the foreign journalists to become more acquainted with Iranian news outlets.
Journalist from 120 foreign media visit Imam Sadegh University
Dozens of Journalists from the foreign media attending the Tehran Media Fair had an inspection tour of Imam Sadegh (a) University. Hojatoleslam Mir Lohi, the managing director of International Relations Department of the university talking about the special characteristics of Imam Sadegh University said this is the only academic establishment that all courses are based on the Islamic science and teachings. Answering a question about the enrolment of Foreign students in this university, Mr. Mir Lohi said the process is handled by the embassies of the concerned individuals who wish to come to Iran and enroll  in this university.
Media, world of Islam and emancipation of Palestine
Te Palestinian news agency attended the media fair in Iran to increase interaction with other nations. The head of the information center of Palestine, Abu Sarvar in an interview on the sideline of the exhibition described the cultural situation in Iran as good and positive adding that Iran is the only country which reflects the resistance news in a genuine manner and informs other nations on the Palestine situation. He said devoting a special day as day of Palestine during this cultural event shows that Palestinian resistance has a special position in Iran and the media have been successful in reflecting this position. The Palestinian official said Iranian press and news agencies are quite active and their works both quantitatively and qualitatively are satisfactory.
Visit by Iranain president to Lebanon serves as keeping alive the Palestinian and Le
 Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad Hoseini visiting the Tehran International Media Fair said president Ahmadinejd's recent visit to Lebanon served as momentum to keep alive the Palestinian and Lebanese questions. The Palestinian question is the common question of the Islamic world and could serve as the source of unity among the Muslims, said the minister.
He called on the media to convey full range of information about the Palestinian question to the younger generation.
Senegalese journalist: the media fair a rare opportunity for dialogue among Journalists
The managing director of Senegalese daily Le Matan, Hasan Samb talking to reporters said presence of local and foreign media under one roof and along each other is a great and useful experience. The Senegalese journalist said the large number of visitors shows the improvement of the knowledge of Iranian people about news and media. The event was a good opportunity for the local and foreign journalist to become familiar with the press laws of different countries. He also called on all journalists to expose the crimes committed by America and Israel and said Muslim journalists are bound to pay attention to Palestinian question.
Zimbabweans attend Tehran Media Fair for the first time
 Representatives of Zimbabwean media for the first time attended the 17th Tehran Media Fair. Machecheter Happion, head of the Zimbabwean media delegation speaking to reporters on the sideline of the exhibition said his objective of attending this event is to become acquainted with the Iranian media. He said the Iranian media in comparison with their foreign counterparts have a better conduct and Iranian journalists have been successful in introducing their country to the world. He described the presence of various thinking trends in the media festival as unique and unprecedented.  Iran International Exhibition Of Press And News Agencies
Armenian chief diplomat in Tehran visits Tehran Media Fair
Armenian ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran while visiting the media exhibition said as its known, press is considered the fourth estate and play a very important role in the society. Arakian, described the atmosphere of the exhibition positive and should not allow political disputes to be played out in this kind of occasions. The Armenian chief diplomat in Tehran said in order to achieve fairness in media world the press freedom and respect for the people's dignity should be guaranteed.
Local and foreign media singe letters of understanding
 Five letters of understanding were concluded between the representatives of the Iranian newspapers and the foreign media attending Tehran international media Fair. The first letter of understanding aimed at promoting ties and cooperation was signed by representatives of Isfahan Emrooz Daily and the Emrooz News of Tajikistan.
The same Tajik daily signed similar cooperation agreement with the Iranian daily Asr Azadi. The representative of the daily Shar Ara from the holy city of Mashhad signed cooperation agreement with Central Asian news agencies.   Representatives The Syrian official new agency (SANA) and Iranian Women and Family News Agency as well as Egyptian Al Ahram daily have held the preliminary talks and as soon as the way is paved they will sign letters of understanding and cooperation. The letter of understanding section is added to the fair for the first time and these  letters are prepared and singed in three languages: Farsi, Arabic and English. Holding training workshops, exchange of software and films, Data Banks, conducting joint research workshops and inviting experts and scholars to take part in scientific gathering are some of the important elements in the letters of understanding signed by Iranian and foreign media outlets.