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Conference on International Coalition Against Terrorism and for Just Peace

The conference was held on May 14-15, 2011 in Tehran sponsored by the Global Forum of Islamic Peace (Joint Chief of Staff of Iranian Armed Forces) and Faculty of International Studies of Tehran University. 
More than 100 scholars form nearly 50 countries took part in this international gathering.
The conference was inaugurated by the opening speech of Dr. Davoud Ameri the secretary of the conference followed by deliberations by Ayatollah Taskhiri chairman of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Denominations, Dr. seyyed Reza Ameli Dean of Faculty of International Studies of Tehran University, Dr. Rahim Porazqadi, Grand Mofti of Russia, head Britain's Islamic Communication Institution, and professor Cynthia Mckinney a female Muslim scholar from the United States.
Summary of speeches:    
·       The only way to counter terrorism is mobilization of public and scholars opinion.
·       In case of proper planning, most of the thinkers are ready to cooperate and contribute to efforts aimed at counter terrorism.
·        To fight with terrorism, first of all a pathological approach should be adapted and a clear understanding of the subject should be developed.
·       Campaign against terrorism should be based on moral, religious and legal norms and avoid unilateralism. Interaction among cultures, religions and scholars is a prerequisite.
·       Islam is the religion of ultimate compassion and is in search of security for mankind.
·       Peace is one of the Divine blessings and a desirable peace, the one which is based on justice. Peace without justice is not acceptable.
·       Following the September 11 events, discrimination against Muslims has increased.
·       Following the collapse of Communism, Islam has gained prominence.
·       The September 11 project has been suspicious right from the beginning.
·       Killing of Ben Laden was an act of terrorism. His killing chapped off only one of the heads but there are other heads over stronger shoulders and that's why killing and torture and robbing will continue.
·       More than ever before, there is a dire need for redefining of terrorism.
·       The present international relations are prone to terrorism. State terrorism which is prevailing in the world is the policy of occupying powers. Resolutions of Security Council are being implemented selectively.
·       Distribution of power in the world is unjust.
·       Instead of petit terrorists the fathers of terrorism should be spotted.
·       According to Holly Qoran killing of on innocent individuals is equal to killing of all humanity and violence against people is an unforgivable sin.
·       Islam considers jihad against occupiers a sacred act.   
·       A real and lasting peace is the one which embraces everyone at all times and is based on justice. Present policies of the United States are not moving in this direction.
·       There is no corner in the world which has not experienced the atrocities and oppressions.
·       Alienation of mankind from the God and his selfishness are the root cause of wars and terrorism.
·       The history of terrorism in modern world dates back the writing of the Prince by Machiavelli. Machiavelli advises the rulers to spread fear around the world in order to continue their rule.
·       International terrorism has 5 main layers: world of politics, world of trade, culture of disapproval, socio-intellectual elite groups and people.
Sideline activities of the conference
One of the sideline activities of the conference was meeting of the participants with president Ahmadinejad who delivered a speech for them.
Iranian President said terror is killing of personality, culture and human body aimed at domination over humanity and robbing of resources. Selfishness of those who are not content with what they have and try to strip the others from their rights is the main cause of terrorism in the world.
President Ahmadinejad said peace without justice is either humiliating surrender or disgraceful death.
He went on saying that justice is the precondition for fighting terrorism and only those who advocate justice can be pioneer of peace and campaign against terrorism. Campaign against terrorism can only be achieved when justice prevails in the world.
Iranian President said the system of domination have undermined all sacred and spiritual concepts and while allowing free expression against the Almighty God and prophets, righteousness and piety has bard speaking about the Zionist regime because this same entity is the only topic which all the world arrogant are united to defend it and consider this regime as more sacred than God and his prophets.
Saying that terrorism is not limited to killing of individuals and cultures, Dr. Ahmadinejad reminded that today the world is witness to economic terrorism and when a country is subject to economic terrorism it means that all its resources are taken away.
Countries of South America and Africa despite being rich in resources and potentially wealthy nations but most of them are suffering from poverty and backwardness and their natural resources are being robbed by western countries.
Iranian president assured his audience of bright future and said a justice loving individual can not resist and continue his campaign if does not believe in universal justice.
During the meeting with President, the statue of Peace and Justice was awarded to Dr. Ahmadinejad. The award presented by the secretary of the conference bears the mark of Peace Dove.
The conference had four specialized meeting which were held separately in Spinas Hotel in downtown Tehran under the titles of "Conceptualization and the Theoretical Basis of Terrorism", Terrorism Players, Means and Harms", Terrorism, Culture, Media and Just Peace" and finally "Ways of Fighting Terrorism".
In a symbolic gesture and hoping that one day terrorism can be eradicated in the world and just peace prevails all over the globe, 195 pigeons one for each world countries were set free by children in a public park in Tehran.
Members of the Public Relations Committee of the conference met and conferred with Mr. Mohammad Jaafar Mohammadzadeh, Deputy Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister for the Press and Information in advance of the gathering.
Mr. Mohammadzaheh talking to his guests said media is an important instrument for establishment of just peace and their campaign against terrorism and promotion of just peace are of vital importance because mass media can pave the way for cultural activities and define peace and justice.
                              Final declaration
           The gathering was concluded by issuing
                        the following statement
we participants of the conference on International Coalition Against Terrorism and for Just Peace which was held on May 14-15,2011 in Tehran by acknowledging that world peace is being endangered by increasing threats and challenges such as terrorism, war, poverty, injustice, disease, political, economic and cultural hegemony, cyber colonialism and soft war ask all the government as well as scholars and non- governmental organizations to take their social and humanitarian responsibilities seriously against these threats.
By declaring that terrorism is condemned by the public opinion and among all nations and all Divine religions and cultures we sympathize with the families of the victims of terrorism;
By reiterating the importance of creation of world just peace culture and reminding that justice has not been taken seriously in Resolution No.52/13 dated January 15, 1998 of the UN General Assembly and its subsequent resolutions as the culture of peace, it is essential that culture of just peace to become the main theme of such resolutions;
By declaring that taking any measure for eradication of terrorisms requires comprehensive knowledge of the roots and causes of this phenomenon;
By declaring our opposition to any selective, unilateralism, double standard and instrumental use of campaign against terrorism to infringe the undeniable rights of nations to determine their own destiny, occupation of other's territory, racism, violation of territorial integrity and any form of domination;
By declaring our opposition to unhealthy dialogues governing the international relations such as "power brings about right" and the need for replacing these kind of dialogue with creative and peaceful discourse such as " power does not bring about right" ;
By declaring our common intention to take our moral, human and social responsibilities towards our fellow mankind and freeing the humanity from the plight of war, domination and injustice and our determination to take actions based on rationality and justice to confront the threats against the world peace and creating a better future for whole humanity, by acknowledging the central role of education in creation of peaceful and friendly environment and fighting against discrimination, violence and terrorism and by reiterating the role of the elites and non-governmental organizations in confronting international threats and challenges specially terrorism and welcoming the idea of establishment of "permanent committee of elites" for reviewing and formulating the ways for confronting the threats and challenges faced by the world just peace;
By thanking the World Peace Forum, civil institutions, research centers and cultural establishments of the Islamic Republic of Iran for their initiative in successful hosting of this conference we declare our agreement with the following items:
1-    We consider all forms of terrorism in particular state and professional terrorism as a threat against mankind and condemn it and reiterate firmly that struggle for self determination is a basic right for all nations and is quite different from terrorism.       
2-    Express our support for the idea of just peace as the common world discourse based on cultures, religions and moral principles and stress that peace can only become lasting and in the interest of humanity if it is based of justice and human dignity.
3-    We are determined to pursue a common understanding to confront terrorism and establishment of just peace and by using the intellectual, professional capacities and religious and moral norms and heritage of world civilization by holding new conferences, using mass media and helping and advising the governments and international organizations and presenting joint proposal to international communities work for establishment of the just peace and campaign against terrorism.
4-    We announce our anxiety about insults against Divine values and attributing intolerance, extremism, terrorism and violence to Divine religions and Islam in Particular and by underlining the fact that Islam has been victim of terrorism, we consider Islamophobia as deprivation from taking advantage of Islamic heritage in establishment of just peace and consider publicity of religious phobia as an instrument to create hostility among people and a serious threat to peace among the nations.    
5-    All out and comprehensive attention to root cause of terrorism is the prerequisite for taking any decision and measure to tackle this phenomenon and reiterate that injustice, foreign domination and occupation are some of the main causes of terrorism and real and lasting peace is not possible under injustice, domination, occupation and racism.
6-    We condemn the state terrorism by the Zionist regime and its supporters against the oppressed Palestinian people and other nations.
7-    We condemn the inhumane and violent actions against the people of Bahrain and interference by some countries and consider these actions as clear violation of basic human rights and a serious threats for the peace in the region and the world and stress that the way for establishing peace and tranquility for the mankind is gathering around the idea of just peace.
8-    By calling for support for the rights of victims of terrorism we call for persecution and punishment of individuals and groups engaged in all forms of terrorism through just trial and safeguarding of their human dignity based on the Divine and ethical norms and consider such measure a necessary measure for prevention and elimination of terrorism. By expressing our grave concern about unjust trial and secret prisons in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries and the role of spying agencies in management of such actions and call upon the international communities to pay special and urgent attentions to these cases.
9-    We declare our support for sharing of ideas, interaction and dialogue among cultures, religions. Scholars and non-governmental organizations for creation of an effective coalition for understanding and confronting threats against global peace and welcome the initiative taken in this conference for setting up a permanent committee of elites for searching the ways for confronting the challenges and threats against the global peace through contribution of those attending this gathering. In order to achieve the said objectives we support the establishment the permanent secretariat of this committee in Tehran and holding regular meetings of this committee in Iran and other countries.
10-                    We hereby agree with sending of this declaration along with the report of the scientific deliberations of the conference to senior officials of countries and international and region organizations including UN Secretary General and non-governmental international organizations concerned with global peace and requesting them to pursue the content of this declaration.