Customes Law

Customs Law pertaining to entry of foreign journalists:
• Foreign journalist arriving at Iran by presenting their valid Press Card can bring their professional equipment such as laptop, Camera, video camera, tape recorder and other items needed for reporting within limits international standards by registering them in customs documents and take them back exactly upon departure.
• Reporter can bring in their wireless satellite equipment and Helishots by receiving permission from concerned Iranian authorities such as Radio Communications regulating Organization (
• Nonresident foreign journalists can travel to Iran by their own private car based on their visa duration and utmost for 3 months provided that they receive the relevant license from tourism authorities of member countries of what is called Carnet De Passages “Triptic” or temporary entry license and take it back when leaving the country. For bringing you private car to Iran under this formalities you should check the name of the Carnet De Passages owner's name which is indicated on the Carnet De Passage Booklet to make sure they the same as well as checking specifications of the vehicle with what is written on the Carnet of the automobile association of the country of origin which is valid for Iran or checking what is written on the back page of the booklet to see whether it is valid for Iran and also to see that Iran's name is not written on the oval shape stamp on the Carnet to make sure that is not expired. Validity date is mention on the covering page of the Carnet booklet. Extension of the indicated validity period depends on acceptance of Iranian Customs Department.
Private cars entered Iran on temporary bases for a period of more then 10 days should refer to first temporary plate number issuing center Traffic Department stated by the Customs Department of the entry port.
Those who have not been able to obtain Carnet De Passages or Triptic, by depositing cash or bank guarantee or Insurance guarantee to receive temporary license for their private car provided that they have valid visa. This is a lengthy process and is not recommended.
According to Iranian local and international tourism Law dated 1991 in addition to goods exempted from customs duties which passenger could bring to Iran, each tourist is allowed to bring noncommercial items to Iran and take them out upon departure.
• taking out items such as antiquities, old coins, valuable art works, manuscripts, antique paintings and similar artifacts are forbidden
• Taking out one kilograms of Caviar purchased from the fishery shop of the airport by presenting the stamped voucher is legal.
• Any tourist leaving Iran can take with him his reasonable personal belongings and news equipment, handicrafts and other authorized goods, books and newspapers.