Foreign Press DepartmentResponsibilities & Assignments

Responsibilities & Assignments

List of permissions issued by Foreign Media Department

1- Permission for opening of reprehensive Bureau
2- Permission for activities of Foreign Media Department (including News gathering, working of Iranian translators and media companies with foreign media, entry and exit of professional equipment along with foreign journalists).
3- Permission for import and export) of newspapers and periodicals as well as cultural and advertising publications.

List of main activities of Foreign Media Department

1- Issuing of press visa for non-Iranian representatives of Foreign Media.
2- Issuing permission to establish news bureaus by foreign media
3- Issuing work permissions for representatives of foreign media.
4- Approval of applications for multi - entry & exit visa for non -Iranian residing representatives of foreign media and their family.
5- Approval of the resident permit for non - Iranian representatives of foreign media and their family members.
6- Issuing Press Card for representatives of foreign media
7- Issuing required letters for representatives of foreign media
8- Coordination for attendance of representatives of foreign media in governmental and non-governmental news events.
9- Overseeing the activities of foreign media bureaus and their residing and non - residing representatives.
10- Cooperation with ministries and governmental and public organizations on arranging and organizing news events.
11- Cooperation in news tours arrangements for representatives of foreign media
12- Approving activities of authorized service providing institution to representatives of foreign media.
13- Reviewing news publications, websites and translation of articles from such sources and putting them on website of Foreign Media Department.
14- Facilitating for scholars and researchers to access Data Bank of articles translated from foreign media.
15- Providing content analysis of foreign articles to concerned authorities.
16- Overseeing and approving activities of Press companies for importing and distribution of foreign publications.
17- Processing applications by private and legal persons for purchasing and subscription of foreign news publications.
18- Supervising the process and customs clearance of imported news publications based on the laws and regulations.
19- Overseeing the activities of provincial departments of Ministry of Culture related to custom clearance of the imported news publications and preparing a report about their activities.