Visa procedures for foreign journalists
• Submission of a written request letter from the concerned media along the visa application to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran at respective country.
• Sending filled in forms of press visa (form No.383) through Iranian Embassy or Consulate to Foreign Ministry of Islamic Republic of Iran in Tehran.
• Foreign Ministry in Tehran shall then send the request to the Foreign Media Dept. of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.
• The received applications after processing by the Foreign Media Dept. will be sent back to Foreign Ministry.
• Foreign Ministry will then send the instruction to Iranian Embassy of Consulate and a journalist visa will be granted to the successful applicant.
• The normal procedure will take 7 to 10 days.
• For further information about visa obtaining process, please refer to Iranian missions in your home country.
• It should be noted that the words " Validity Duration" indicated on the visa page of the passport means period of time that visa holder can enter the country and "Validity of Visa" mean period of time that visa holder can stay in the country for instance 7 days from date of entry.
• Staying longer that the indicated period of time in the passport is illegal and will be dealt accordingly and the violator could either extend his/her visa duration before hand or leave in due time.