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Activities of Foreign Media Department at the 20th Press and News Agencies Exhibition

Activities of Foreign Media Department at the 20th Press and News Agencies Exhibition

 Activities of Foreign Media Department at the 20th Press and News Agencies Exhibition
The activities of Foreign Media Department of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in 20th International Press and News Agencies were somehow different from the previous occasions. In this year’s exhibitions, two specialized panel were arranged and a number of prominent journalists from different countries delivered speeches and the residing foreign media introduced their respective media to the visitors. This initiative were warmly welcomed by both Iranian and foreign journalists and visitors of the exhibition. The interest shown on speeches was so strong that 2 additional speeches by the residing foreign Journalists were added to programs of on Nov.11and 12 schedules.
Panel speakers werehead of Iraqi Journalists Association and first Deputy Chairman of Journalists Association of Arab WorldMr. Moauad Allamy, prominent Egyptian commentator and journalist Mr. Fahmy Howidy, Communication Professor and expert Mr. Salah Fadhli from Kuwait. News writer and chief reporter of Italian IlJiornaleMr. Giann Micalessin from Italy. Mark Glenn Writer, Analyzer and Reporter from U.S and Scott Peterson from the U.S.newspaper Christian Science Monitor. The spoke on following topics:
1- Gaza and Global Media
2- Role of media in shaping world Politics
3- Western news imperialism and free flow of information
4- Nuclear talks between Iran and 5+1 and possible agreement
5- Media and global terrorism
The second part of the program initiated by the Foreign Media Department was devoted to speeches by representatives of foreign media residing in Iran including heads of French News Agency(AFP), Spanish News Agency (EFE), Voice of Afghan(AVA), Syrian News Agency )SANA), Chinese New Agency(Xinhua), Russian News Agency(ItarTass), The International Media Associates(TIMA) from Britain, Lebanese Al Ahd news website and newspapers: Il Tempo of Columbia, Al Hayat from Britain, Van Hui from China, Travoo from the Netherland, Los angles Times from the U.S., Mainichi from Japan and TV channels of Al Mayadeen from Lebanon, Aljazeera From Qatar, Afagh of Iraq, Al Youm of LebanonCipa Press of France. They introduced their media and answered some questions raised by the audience.


Nov 17, 2014 12:27
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