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CCVT new manager thanks Iran for its supports and calls for promotion of media relations

CCVT new manager thanks Iran for its supports and calls for promotion of media relations

CCVT new manager thanks Iran for its supports and calls for promotion of media relations
Visiting Chinese CCTV News Department chiefand accompanying delegation in a meeting with Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance for Press and Information, Mr. Hosein Entezami called for boosting of cultural and media relations between Tehran and Beijing.
During the meeting also attended by Managing Director of Foreign Media Department Mr. Kooshesh and his deputy for Foreign Journalists Affairs Mr. Shiravin Mr. Entezami expressed his satisfaction for the activities of CCTV Bureau in Tehran and by referring to common cultural heritages of the two nations called for further improvement of media ties and enhanced activities to reflect the realities to confront distortions made by western news outlets. He added that expansion of media cooperation between Iran and china will help promotion of all outrelations between the two countries.

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Head of Press and Information Department of Ministry of Culture said Iran and China due to their civilizations, their status in the East and cultural and trade relations have an important position in world media environment and thanked CCTV for its objective and accurate dissemination of information.
Mr. Entezami by explaining the policy of Iranian government aimed at boosting of relations with other nations said Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to expand its media relations with China.
For his Part Mr. Hung Chan Fung, the CCTV’s New Department chief while thanking Iranian government for its backing and cooperation with China welcomed Mr. Entezami’scomments on promotion of cultural and media cooperation.
He said the two countries with their glorious civilizations have great potentials for expanding their media and cultural ties adding that the Chinese side will work hard to take advantage of the possibility to improve bilateral relations.
The Chinese media official said CCTV in its news coverage observes three elements of justice, realism and optimism and always tries to refrain from political inclinations and biasnessadding that the policy of his news department is to safeguard mutual interests and promote interactions with other nations and Iran in particular.
He also criticized the biased orientation of western media in their news coverage and expressed pleasure for signing letter of understanding and cooperation with Iranian media especially Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting(IRIB).
Referring to Silk Trade Road and Silk Waterway, the Chinese visiting official said Iran as a strategic country can play a major part in this project in cooperation with China.
He also praised the expertise and experiences of Iranian media workers and invited Mr. Entezami to pay a visit to his country.
Dr. Entezami then welcomed the Idea of exchange of reporters and journalists between Iran and China and said this can facilitate better use of media potentials of two countries in cooperation with each other. He called on the chines side to work for promotion of multimedia activities.
Talking abut his experience in visiting several Iranian cities the Chinese official said Iran is a country that one needs to visit himself in order to become familiar with its realities and the progress this country has made in various sectors.

Dec 2, 2014 14:33
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