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'Iran Is Region’s Most Advanced Society'

'Iran Is Region’s Most Advanced Society'
'Iran Is Region’s Most Advanced Society'

Christian Diether Zarm, the head of German Journalists Cooperative (Journalistenzentrum Deutschland & Deutscher Presse Verband), says Iran is far more advanced than its neighbors.

In a Sunday meeting with Mohammad Jafar Safi, the director general of Foreign Media Department, Zarm also said despite the sanctions regime, the Islamic Republic has managed to stand on its feet.

Upon an invitation by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the visiting head of the Journalistenzentrum Deutschland also spoke to reporters and visitors on the sidelines of the 21st International Press Exhibition in Tehran.

Zarm said Iranian university students have extensive knowledge on current affairs. He talked about broadening cooperation between Iranian and German media outlets, while lauding the quality of specialist speeches and workshops at the exhibition. He said he was surprised by the type of questions his audiences asked during his own speech. In his words, “The questions from students and visitors were though-provoking.“

Zarm went on to praise the high number of visitors, saying he would do his outmost to ensure that, in cooperation with the Culture Ministry officials, a number of German media outlets will also be in attendance at next year’s exhibition. “The idea is,” he said, “to introduce German media to Iranian audiences.”

In conclusion, the head of the Journalistenzentrum Deutschland told Safi that upon his return he would share his unique experiences in Iran with one thousand DVP journalists and specialists.

For his part, the director general of Foreign Media Department said the Culture Ministry is prepared to pave way for Iranian and German media outlets to become sister media outlets. Safi said this is one of the main programs and policies of his department and he would take the necessary steps to ensure this will happen in the near future. Zarm welcomed the idea.
Nov 9, 2015 13:31
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