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Media War: Russia Broke Western Monopoly

Media War: Russia Broke Western Monopoly
Media War: Russia Broke Western Monopoly

Russian media have effectively countered the barrage of Western propaganda, presenting the “other” side of the story to the global audience.

According to Iranian journalist Emad Abshenass, Western media outlets are no longer able to fight the ongoing media war, particularly when it comes to the foreign-backed conflicts in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Abshenass, who was speaking to reporters Monday on the premises of the Foreign Media Department and on the sidelines the 21st Press Fair, said the crises in the Middle East have starkly revealed that news is no longer a Western monopoly. The lies from the Western media are now being countered to a large extent by the Russian and Iranian media and news services that are winning friends and influencing people around the world, particularly in the Middle East.

According to Abshenass, who also works for Rossiya Sigodnya, despite several resolutions issued by the United Nations in support of journalists and reporters, many are still getting killed, injured or kidnapped in war zones. In his words, the biggest problem is that these resolutions haven’t become binding laws for UN members to follow.

Last year, more than 32 journalists and media workers from around the world, including from Iran, were killed or kidnapped in Iraq and Syria. The majority of the attacks were perpetrated by organized crime groups, terrorist, and the US-led coalition forces (airstrikes), making international journalists still among the most vulnerable. These attacks and abuses remain uninvestigated and unpunished.

Rossiya Segodnya is an international news agency founded in 2013. It incorporates the former RIA Novosti news service and the international radio service Voice of Russia (formerly Radio Moscow).
Nov 9, 2015 13:35
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