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Le Figaro: Nuclear Deal Gave New Lease of Life to Iran-EU Ties

Le Figaro: Nuclear Deal Gave New Lease of Life to Iran-EU Ties
Le Figaro: Nuclear Deal Gave New Lease of Life to Iran-EU Ties

The nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 (United States, Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia) has given a new lease of life to bilateral relations between Tehran and the European Union.

Stating the above at a press conference on the sidelines of the 21st International Press Fair in Tehran, Le Figaro’s prominent journalist Georges Malbrunot told his audience of reporters that once the historic deal is fully implemented, bilateral relations will become first-rate, particularly between Tehran and Paris.

Malbrunot went on to argue that there will always be some differences like the conflicts in Yemen and Syria plus President Assad’s fate, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, war on terror, human rights, and the Middle East peace process.

He added however: “The future of ties is bright and promising. France wants to improve its economy and at the same time resolve the Syrian crisis. To this end, President Holland will soon visit Tehran and President Rouhani will travel to Paris.”

In his words, some of the reasons which forced the EU in general and France in particular to sit at the same negotiating tables with Iran to resolve the nuclear dispute AND the war in Syria were: The well-known unreliability of Saudi Arabia as a business partner, Syrian refugees flooding European gates, EU’s economic downturn, threat of European ‘jihadis’ returning from Syria, as well as Iran’s lucrative consumer and energy markets.

Malbrunot also briefly talked about the fate of the terrorist group of Mojahedeen Khalgh Organization (MKO) which has a base in France and so far has killed some 17,000 Iranians, including nuclear scientists. He said with confidence: “The MKO is a cult organization and has no political future in Iran.”

Founded in 1826, Le Figaro is a daily newspaper published in Paris. Its editorial line is center-right. It is the second-largest national newspaper in France after Le Parisien and before Le Monde.

Nov 10, 2015 10:31
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