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Al-Manar: Resistance Media Outlets Banned for Telling the Truth

Al-Manar: Resistance Media Outlets Banned for Telling the Truth
Al-Manar: Resistance Media Outlets Banned for Telling the Truth

Resistance media outlets are the most trust-worthy satellite TV stations in Lebanon, so much so that even opposition groups and audiences in regional countries prefer to watch them when they want to find out what is really going on in the Syrian war.

According to Al-Manar reporter Hassan Haidar, regional outlets such as Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabia might have more money and more human resources, but they fail to match the honesty, trustworthiness and influence of Al-Menar, Press TV, and other resistance news services. “To fight back, the Arab regimes simply switch them off from their satellite networks.”

Haidar, who was speaking at a press conference on November 10 and on the sidelines of the 21st Media Exhibition, went on to state that despite certain weaknesses such as poor management, low quality audio-visual equipment, limited financial resources, and delays in information dissemination, the resistance media outlets have managed to win the hearts and minds of many people. In his words, “This is big, because they tell the truth, even when Hezbollah fighters lose in the battle and get killed. That explains why they are also banned in some Western countries. It is the truth that is winning this unequal media war.”

The Tehran-based Lebanese reporter also talked about the rising impact of social media apps and how they are affecting the performance of conventional outlets. He said, “One of the main information sources for Al-Manar is the mobile clips that Hezbollah fighters record and send from the battlefield via apps. Al-Menar has taken its fight to the next level and it is winning,” he concluded.

Al-Manar is a Lebanese satellite television station, broadcasting from Beirut.

Nov 11, 2015 11:40
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