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Ulusal TV Calls for Forming Regional Union

Ulusal TV Calls for Forming Regional Union
Ulusal TV Calls for Forming Regional Union

The United States, Israel and their European allies will never give up on the colonial idea to partition the Middle East, says a Turkish TV reporter.

According to Yakup Aslan, the prominent reporter of Ulusal Kanal, no country alone can stop the so-called Greater Middle East plan from happening. “Iran, Turkey, Syria, Palestine and Azerbaijan should form a regional union to fight back. Lest there be any doubt, division of Syria will lead to division of Iran and Turkey,” he warned.

The Turkish journalist, who was speaking at a press conference Wednesday on the sidelines of the 21st International Press Fair in Tehran, also said those who back the colonial plan are not patriots. In his words, “They invaded Iraq twice; now they are bombarding Syria and Yemen, all because they have no intention to let go of the Middle East, which by the way is a colonial term to use. As maintained by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, this particular region should be called West Asia.”

In the second part of his speech, Aslan talked about the responsibility of regional media outlets in informing the general public about the dangers of sectarian hatred and how it could easily help the colonial powers to realize their dreams. He added, “With Russia now targeting all manners of terrorism and extremism in Syria, the tables have turned. America is no longer calling the shots. Together with its brainchild Daesh, Washington failed to affect regime change.

In conclusion, Aslan, who also manages Ulusal Kanal’s Tehran Bureau, said, “There are still some differences and of course attempts to derail any regional discourse. However, this is no excuse for the regional nations not to get together and form a union. This is not a dream. It's a necessity."
Nov 11, 2015 12:34
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