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21st International Press Expo Wrap-up

21st International Press Expo Wrap-up
21st International Press Expo Wrap-up

The 21st International Press Exhibition might have come to a close, but what a great week indeed! The organizers and the participants may feel exhausted but they can be confident it was worth their while. They had to deal with tens of thousands of visitors every day. Which means the expo has steadily been getting better and better, and this year is no different.

The expo has been a strong convention in the Middle East area for a long time. This year's participants were excellent as always; they have always done a great job supporting the Culture Ministry and those looking to learn more about this fascinating industry.

Visitors had the chance to chat with the creators of news and publications, such as journalists, reporters, editors, photojournalists, publishers, graphic designers, artists, experts, radio hosts, university lecturers and officials - in particular those in charge of artistic and cultural affairs.

Students and enthusiasts were particularly blown away by the sheer number of news media experts, reporters and lecturers from Iran, Middle East, Europe and Asia. They spent the whole week, from November 7-13, to talk about their unique experiences, practices, works and knowledge in the field.

Many outlets had their own educational workshops and sessions; but it was the international section of the exhibition organized by the Foreign Media Department of the Culture Ministry that went the extra mile. They had to make sure each and every foreign guest would hold his session in a timely fashion, with all those difficult back and forth questions and answers from audiences and reporters - from Persian to English, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, German and vice versa. They should get the nod for best speeches and workshops and they will be definitely missed until they are back next year!

More so, Iranian sessions had the benefit of allowing better interactions between government officials, panelists, content creators, and the like. Something that has been stressed to this year's visitors and convention junkies is how commercialized some of the big names in the industry have become. After all, this is not just about the love of the craft; this is also about making money to stay in the business.

That’s the feeling that many found at this year's superb exhibition; meaning it will win over even more commercial and private vendors next year.
Nov 13, 2015 09:32
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