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Segodnya Reporter: Western Media Hegemony Can Be Broken

Segodnya Reporter: Western Media Hegemony Can Be Broken

Segodnya Reporter: Western Media Hegemony Can Be Broken

Emad Abshenas, a Tehran-based journalist for Russia’s Segodnya news agency, says media outlets in Global East must foster initiatives to break Western hegemony in news reporting, maintaining that this can be done in an organised, professional, targeted, and long term manner.

Abshenas made the remarks on the sidelines of the 22nd International Press Exhibition in Tehran on Monday, disclosing that Western media outlets are controlled and run by Jews.

He said there is now awareness that the developed countries have dominated global news reporting with Western-oriented narratives, adding that the only way to change this situation is to create a united press industry to counter the Western dominance.

In his words, "Efforts should be made within the region, especially in Iran, to end filtering and censorship, and democratise the flow of information so as to allow different voices in the local press. This way, audiences won't see the need to look for news and contents elsewhere.”

As noted by Abshenas, non-western countries must invest heavily in the industry, specially in training and equipment, as the West wins its military warfare with the help of media. “Western media is powerful and effective because it is well-funded propaganda.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, the prominent journalist said, “The problem with eastern media outlets is that they don't have a roadmap, they are not focussed in local news reporting, and they are not globally-oriented. This only means defeat in the media war.”

In conclusion, he said insufficient media cooperation leaves the eastern countries dependent upon third-party media sources, such as in the US. As a result, there are problematic interpretations to what is happening in Iran, Russia, China, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and, of course, Russia.

To counter this propganda campaign to demonize Iran and Russia, he proposed that there be a common newswire or a united press industry. “Then we could learn first-hand what is happening in our countries. The voices of emerging and developing countries should be strengthened, so as to win the media propaganda warfare.”

Rossiya Segodnya is a news agency wholly owned and operated by the Russian government, created by an Executive Order of the President of Russia on December 9, 2013. "Rossiya Segodnya" directly translates from Russian into English as "Russia Today", but should not be confused with the TV network RT, which was known as Russia Today prior to 2009.

Nov 7, 2016 18:04
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