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Al Yawm Reporter Says Syria War Is Overtaking Palestinian Issue

Al Yawm Reporter Says Syria War Is Overtaking Palestinian Issue

Al Yawm Reporter Says Syria War Is Overtaking Palestinian Issue

Mohammad Soleiman Abu Nosairah, chief of Palestine Al Yawm TV’s Tehran Bureau, says the war on Syria has been designed to deliberately sideline the issue of Palestine, adding that with Donald Trump as the new president of the United States, things will get even worse for the Palestinian people.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday on the sidelines of the 22nd International Press Exhibition, the Palestinian reporter regretted that because of the US-led war on Syria, the issue of Palestine is no longer covered by Arab media outlets. “The US presidential race and polls were a game show from day one. The same is true about the Palestinian peace talks. The Zionist-run media is hellbent on deceiving public opinion in the Arab world into believing that the Palestinian issue cannot be resolved.”

On the holiness of Palestine, he said many religious books and leaders have made it absolutely clear that the issue of Palestine is fundamental for the Muslim world. “Corporate media outlets are trying to dismiss the holiness of Palestine in a bid to tone down public sympathy towards the suffering of the Palestinian people. This has been going on since last century."

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Palestinian refugee said just as the United States dehumanized Native Americans by calling them “savages,” Israel continues to dehumanize Palestinians by labelling us all as “terrorists” in the media. “Israel systematically steals or seizes private Palestinian land. The regime has no documents to prove that they have bought these properties from native Palestinian people. It is a big lie.”

He went on to explain that Palestine is considered to be a holy place by many religions such as Judaism. Part of the reason why Palestine is seen as sacred by the Jews is because it "was the cradle of their Promised Land. Veneration and love for Palestine was and still is seen as a vital aspect of their Jewish life – just as our Muslim life. The holiness of Palestine also has something to do with humanity and freedom. Palestinians are no longer able to practice their rights to self-determination. The followers of different religions used to live together in peace and harmony. Now that's no longer the case.”

In conclusion, Nusairah said Palestinians have not forgotten the Nakba nor will they be silent in the face of the ongoing uprising. “The same is true in other parts of the Muslim world. Despite the ongoing terrorism and chaos in places like Syria, people will never forget the Palestinian plight. When the terrorist group of ISIS is defeated, the issue of Palestine will once again top the agenda for media outlets the world over. The Arab media will not overlook the Palestinian cause anymore.”

Palestine Al Yawm (Palestine Today Satellite Channel / PalToday TV) is a satellite television channel that is focused on Palestine. The headquarters is located in Beirut, Lebanon.

Nov 9, 2016 13:38
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