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Hard News: Corporate Media Hid Truth in US Presidential Race

Hard News: Corporate Media Hid Truth in US Presidential Race

Hard News: Corporate Media Hid Truth in US Presidential Race

Mainstream media outlets in the United States didn't want to accept the realities of November 8 elections, one of which was voter anger over the sorry state of current affairs. They tried to change the outcome in favour of Hillary Clinton, but in the end it was Donald Trump that people elected as their next president.

Stating the above to reporters Wednesday at the Press Exhibit in Tehran, Hard News Chief Editor Sanjay Kumar said mainstream media in the West does the same thing when it comes to regime change in other parts of the world. “From Iraq to Syria to Yemen they send their reporters to change the narratives in their own favour and based on their own foreign policy doctrine.”

According to the Indian journalist, Western governments send their reporters to war zones in order to control dissemination of information the way they want.

He regretted that there are no Indian journalists travelling around the world to produce news and reports themselves. "This forces them to rely on Western media outlets for information which is usually biased and one-sided, including those published by European and American newspapers and news wires on the situation in Syria."

On relations between Iran and India, he said it is important to forge greater ties between the media outlets of the two countries. “That is because Islamophobia is also rising in India and needs to be tackled. Media outlets need to re-establish themselves so as not to give any opportunities to the Western media to readjust the position of India as regards the wars in Syria and Iraq, as well as Iran’s overall image.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Indian journalist said India seeks to invest around 1 billion dollars in the port city of Chabahar. “To this end, it needs to sign a cooperation agreement with Iran and Afghanistan.”

He regretted the fact that Indian media outlets never bother to report on this important regional development project which will link their country to Central Asia. He urged Indian reporters to travel to the strategic region and see for themselves its realities.

In conclusion, Kapoor urged journalists not to depend on or trust Western media outlets. “Independent media outlets need to be mindful, observe realities and be truthful in what they are reporting. They must reinvent and reassess themselves, because their news and reports could change the fate of their countries.”

Hard News is an independent monthly political magazine that does tough, critical and honest reporting and analysis on current affairs. It is based in New Delhi, India

Nov 10, 2016 09:04
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