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AVA: US Occupation Hinders Afghanistan’s Reconstruction Efforts

AVA: US Occupation Hinders Afghanistan’s Reconstruction Efforts

AVA: US Occupation Hinders Afghanistan’s Reconstruction Efforts

Managing Director of Afghan Voice Agency Seyyed Isa Hosseini Mazari says mismanagement, greed, corruption, foreign meddling and occupation continue to undermine national reconstruction efforts in war-torn Afghanistan.

Speaking Thursday at the 22 Press Exhibit in Tehran, the prominent cleric explained that the much-needed transition from a state of war to a state of peace with concurrent security, economic and social aspects, manifested through an assurance of the rule of law, building of economic institutions, construction of primary infrastructure and respect of human rights has also failed spectacularly.

He argued that because of occupation, foreign-backed terrorism, political rivalry and lack of a consistent roadmap, the situation of the country years after the US-led war is still in a very unsatisfactory state, “even though an immense amount of human and financial capital has apparently been invested to its reconstruction. The people and the government are yet to see any real foreign financial capital.”

He went on to state that international contractors, NGOs and foreign powers likewise failed to reflect on the needs, conditions and specifics of the country in the strategies for reconstruction. “This included imposition of Western standards. They tried to spread corruption, Christianity, feminism, and Western version of democracy. Because of their policy that helped spread opium production, there are now many addicts in the country. All this and more contributed to the failure of the reconstruction. They are not there to help the country. They are there to protect their own interests with a helping hand from proxy terrorist forces.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Mazari said his country doesn't need foreign troops to maintain security and fight the Taliban. “It is for the government to fight terrorism and determine who is terorrist and who is not. Foreign powers never backed Afghanistan in foreign policy. Foreign aid has never been directed toward the state and the people.”

He noted that the rise of insecurity has had a dramatic impact on emigration from the country. “The security agreement with the US is the reason why Afghanistan is not at peace with itself and in ruins. Because of the presence of US troops the country copes with a low growth of food production and employment, fails in attracting foreign investments, and suffers from a fall in construction. The Americans have no intention to let security and peace prevail. They fuel terrorism to justify their never-ending military presence.”

According to the managing director of AVA, reconstruction is failing in building functioning and trustworthy governmental structures and legitimate state institutions which inhabitants of Afghanistan would have confidence in.

In conclusion, he said some media outlets have managed to spread the truth about the current situation. “However, there are many others that are politically oriented and ineffective. There are also media outlets and news networks that are funded by foreign powers to help their illicit cause.”

Afghan Voice Agency is based in Kabul. It strives to help pave way for Afghans to participate in nation building and keep human rights in high. AVA is considered the first media outlet established as NGOs right after the US war.

Nov 10, 2016 17:47
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