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Al Mowaten Daily: The Fate of ISIS in Iraq’s Mosul Is Sealed

Al Mowaten Daily: The Fate of ISIS in Iraq’s Mosul Is Sealed

Al Mowaten Daily: The Fate of ISIS in Iraq’s Mosul Is Sealed

Iraqi Army and volunteer forces, backed by Iranian military advisors, are liberating the strategic city of Mosul from ISIS, where the fate of the terrorist group is sealed.

Stating the above Thursday on the sidelines of the 22nd Press Exhibition, Seyyed Ali Ghoreifi, Al Mowaten Daily’s chief editor, said ISIS is a regional. trans-regional project to partition Iraq on sectarian lines - Shia, Sunni and Kurd. “The good news is that the colonial project has failed. The fall of Mosul will put the last nail in its coffin in Iraq. The problem is, the terrorist group and its extremist ideology will not end. It will prevail elsewhere in the region, even in Europe.”

Ghoreifi reiterated that Iranian military advisors are helping the Iraqi Army and volunteer forces in the campaign, adding, “They are being backed by police and security forces. Once liberated, security forces will be in charge of maintaining law and order in the city.”

He said some 80 percent of ISIS fighters in Mosul are Iraqi nationals and members of the former Baathist regime. “The rest are foreign jihadis that have entered the country through the Turkish/Syrian border. The defeat of ISIS will include making painful compromises in bid to have an all-inclusive, successful political system. The ISIS murderers will have no future in Iraqi politics.”

The chief editor of Al Mawaten maintained that one of the reasons why ISIS and its sectarian designs failed was because the terrorist group killed many Sunni civilians in both Iraq and Syria. “Some politicians believe that liberation of Mosul will lead to Iraq’s partition, while others maintain that it will pave the way for greater victories against the terrorist group. ISIS doesn't represent the Sunni population and hence there will be unity."

In conclusion, the prominent journalist urged all political groups and factions to reduce themselves to unity and avoid the imposition of their will on others. “Public participation is key to saving Iraq. Political groups should help each other in rebuilding the nation and keeping post-ISIS Iraq as a unitary state.”

Al Mowaten is an Arabic language daily published in Baghdad, Iraq.

Nov 10, 2016 18:06
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