Deputy culture minister thanks media, journalists

Deputy culture minister thanks media, journalists

Deputy culture minister thanks media, journalists
Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Hossein Entezami has recalled the undeniable and important role of media – that cover national events – in creating vigilance and enthusiasm among the public and has thanked them.
The deputy minister also referred to the presidential elections and the massive, epic turnout of Iranians for the vote on May 19 and said: “I feel duty-bound to thank all local media for their serious coverage of this phenomenal event.”
He went on to say that the role of media which mirror national events responsibly and create vigilance and enthusiasm is undeniable.
“I would also like to thank all foreign journalists who tried to paint an objective picture of Islamic Iran and the magnificent organization of the election,” he said.
In total 570 foreign journalists and reporters – including those who are based in Iran and the 253 who received visas to cover the polls – from 245 media organizations in 40 countries were on the ground in Iran to give news coverage to the elections, he said, adding the fact that so many foreign journalists were here shows that democracy in Iran is genuine, and not theatrical.
He also said the number of foreign reporters who were in Iran to cover the vote was up 33 percent over the previous elections, a fact which is indicative of the success of our media diplomacy.
Entezami described the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance as the executive arm of the 11th government when it comes to media diplomacy and said the ministry uses the assistance of other responsible institutions, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as security and law enforcement agencies, to tap the potential associated with the presence of foreign media in Iran to paint a genuine picture of the great Iranian people and the Islamic Republic.
“This contributes to the development of constructive interaction between local and foreign media and helps introduce the cultural, economic and political potential of our country to the world and regional nations,” he concluded.

May 20, 2017 15:11


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