Teaching Workshop of economics in Photographism in today's world

Teaching Workshop of economics in Photographism in today's world

The news conference of Mohammed Farnoud , photographer
of Saipa Press Photography from France was held in special desk of Foreign Media in Tehran Press Festival at Tehran's Mosalla building.
Subject: "Teaching Workshop of economics in Photographism in today's world "

He started his lecture by talking about the meaning of photography and the world of photography and said:

photos are of two kinds, digital and analogue.
If we divide our work into three types of questions, we will then succeed, in not only photography but in any other journalistic duty.
At first, we should know how to produce a work, then we should know how to manage it and finally we should know how to exploit it.
And thisis the framework which is observed by the famous media such ad Times, New York Times and La Figaro.
He went on to say that our definition of photography is limited to the camera but it is better to divide this term to far and between so that we can reach it real meaning, meaning the far events.
The really is that the human evolution without citing the history is impossible and humans, by citing history which photo is part of that, can build themselves.

Camera is a phenomenon that can portray the distance between birth to death. cameras can record and capture wars, crisis, mayhem, clashes and ....from one side of the world to the other.
He added that man, using properties like water, light, glass and... managed to stop an image of the world.

He then recounted his first experience by saying: Three years before the revolution, I started photography.
For transmitting internal news, we were going from photography place to the office of the magazine and we were going thru producing the pictures, the selection session, printing and...but the question is how were we supposed to transmit international pictures?
The answer is a device by the name of Telephoto which using magnetic waves would transmit one or maximum two forms for world news agencies and this one picture was the representative of all that happened and the public thought of the entire glob.
He talked about Rudbar earthquake and that he was tasked to go there and inform the world about it.
He also talked about the impact of the photo, adding that reports take their most effect from a picture.
for example the picture of a mother who digs the grave of his child with a cement block.
At the end of the speech
Mohammad Farnoud said: Today human resources are no longer needed in photo journalism as everything is transmitted via a cellphone. Of course he clarified that we have to be careful not to let this technology captivate our soul and turn us into a automaton.

Nov 20, 2017 12:24


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